General questions

What is an operator hire?

Hire of workforce and its main principle is that skilled operators of various machines are provided for the companies for required period (for a day, week, month or a year) where they perform assigned tasks but are not employed at these companies.


We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on weekends and public holidays. We usually answer the phone immediately or call you back on the same business day. If you want to apply for an operator job, please fill in the questionnaire form and we will contact you.  If you want to place an order, please fill in the client questionnaire form.

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Why is it worth working for MOHA?

Because we always adhere to the agreements made. We will provide you with good working conditions and a fair reward.

Is it a legal job?

Yes, we always conclude contracts.

How much will you pay?

The pay is always subject to the agreed rate. The rate depends on your qualification and the term and conditions agreed with the client. The working conditions are always set in writing and we strictly adhere to them.

What is a loyalty bonus?

It is a bonus paid for working from the start till the end of the specific project, i.e. during the whole period of the project. If the employee works up to the end of the project, he will be paid a loyalty bonus. The bonus is calculated based on the hours worked in the project. The size of the bonus is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What contracts are concluded with employees?

We conclude fixed-term or long-term contracts with our employees. Currently, fixed -term agreements, i.e.” for a specific project” are the most popular ones.

Can I expect long-term employment relationship with your company?

Yes, we appreciate that and try to find a new most suitable project for you after completion of each project, as well as to provide you with good working conditions.

How long does the hiring process take?

Having reached a mutual agreement, you will be employed within 24 hours.

Do you employ women?

Yes, of course.

Of what nationality are the professionals you employ?

We employ the professionals of all nationalities. We do not select employees based on their national origin, but rather on reliability, competency and ability to speak English or other languages.

What machine or crane I will have to operate?

Only machines or cranes in good condition are used. They are slightly different in each project, so you will be informed about it on a case-by-case basis.

Where is the job position located (in what city, country)?

We work throughout the European Union, Scandinavia, UK and Baltic countries. You can choose the country and the duration of your work there.

What principle of staff rotation will be applied and when will I come home from a business trip?

Our employees are provided with a convenient work schedule, usually returning home after 3-6 weeks.

Will I get paid for commuting?

Yes, if it is not your domicile.

How much will I be paid while being on a business trip?

While being on a business trip you will be paid a higher remuneration by taking into consideration all applicable laws.

Are the workwear and protective equipment provided?

Yes, our employees are provided with workwear and all necessary personal protective equipment.

What are the working hours?

Most frequently 8 working hours fall in the range from 6:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

When am I entitled to overtime pay?

If the employee works more than the agreed working time, he/she is entitled to overtime pay in accordance with the law.

What is a night shift?

Night shift is when an employee works from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

What is my holiday entitlement?

The leave and its duration is subject to mutual agreement. In most cases, leave is granted after the completion of a specific project.

Services to clients

What are the advantages of operator hire service?

The advantages of operator hire service include:

A company can dedicate all its resources to its core activities.

A temporary work – when a company is looking for a temporary worker for specific period of time (temporary employment for a day, month or other period, as well as for performing a specific job and etc.).

Permanent work – we supply highly qualified professionals, replace them in case of sick leave or holiday.

We do the following jobs for you: employment, work scheduling, briefing, training, arrangement of accommodation and work trips.

An employer does not have to worry about employee search, selection, job announcements, staff record keeping, conclusion/termination of employment contracts, leave entitlements, payroll, and etc.

What is a true cost of a good employee?

It is usually not difficult to calculate the cost related to

  • Salary;
  • Accommodation and travelling;
  • Paid leave;
  • Severance pay;
  • Administrative expenses 5+10 %

It is difficult to estimate them, but the following also cost:

  • The productivity of unskilled employee is 10 + 100% lower;
  • Downtime due to employee illness or absenteeism;
  • Material losses due to employee fault.

What kind of employees do you hire?

We employ highly qualified operators of various machines. They have all necessary qualification and health certificates, in addition, they have more than 2 years of experience and speak different languages.

What employees you do not hire?

We do not hire people of other professions, i.e. other than machine operators, as well as the ones who have bad habits and lack expertise.

For what period can the operator be hired?

The hire period may vary from an hour, a day, week, month or any other period agreed.

How can I get an offer?

Please fill in the Form for Clients and we will contact you to make an accurate offer.

How much does it cost to hire an operator?

A price estimation is given for each offer or a Long-term Contracts is made. The price usually depends on three main factors: hire period, urgency and operator expertise.

Is it possible to choose a specific operator (the one who has already worked for us)?

Yes, we provide such an opportunity.

Do you employ trainees?

No. This is possible only if the client expresses such a need.

How do you calculate invoice amounts?

The invoice is based on the hours actually worked unless otherwise agreed with the client.

What is an invoice currency?

Invoicing currency is EUR unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Is it necessary to conclude a contract?

Yes, we do not start work without signing a contract.

What payment methods are available?

The payments shall be made by bank transfer to the bank account specified by us.

Why is your name MOHA, but not the name of your company UAB Idea Grandis?

MOHA is our registered trademark that belongs to UAB Idea Grandis.

Who should I contact if I have already signed a contract?

You should contact a project manager who has been assigned to you, his/her contact details are always provided in the Appendix to the Contract.

How quickly can one operator be replaced by other?

If there are objective reasons to do that, then it will be done within 48 hours.

I can’t find the answer, where should I apply?

If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us. The contact details are available in Contact page on our website or just send us an E-mail: