Reliable employer who cares about working conditions of its employees

   Richard Branson, one of the most well-known entrepreneurs of our time, once said “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business”. Therefore, attractive and motivating working conditions as well as their ensuring are the key objective of MOHA – the agency engaged in qualified operator hire. MOHA is a reliable employer who keeps its word.

Attractive and motivating working conditions – what are they? First of all, it is a fair remuneration for a properly performed job. Being a reliable employer, we always pay wages on time. Our aim is to make our employees feel financially secure and appreciated in their professional field. A fair remuneration is determined by observing labour market trends: the demand of certain professionals (tower crane operators, mobile crane operators, self-propelled crane operators, etc.), the requirements set for them, the salaries offered and etc. Of course, the amount of pay is also subject to experience, competencies and other skills of our employees.

If you lack some experience or doubt your abilities – it’s not an obstacle. We not only aim to ensure appropriate working conditions for our employees but also invest in their professional development, i.e. we help them acquire new competencies and skills, assist them in obtaining international certificates of competence as well as finance additional training of employees. The hire of highly qualified operators and the focus on professional development and growth of these professionals are the reasons why not only employees but also customers choose us. By investing in you, we invest in the success of our business.

A reliable employer must take care of its employee safety. Our employees are provided with all protective equipment, we discuss in detail all future tasks as well as professional risks. Such steps are taken to avoid any accidents. In addition, our employees are insured against accidents. The insurance is valid 24 hours a day.

Motivating working conditions include an open communication with each other and creating a positive work environment. We are not indifferent to our employees – we celebrate their success in professional area, we praise them and recognise their efficient and responsible work. Working abroad brings both opportunities and challenges. We always try to give advice and help them when they are facing any
problems. We promptly answer any questions, because we are a reliable employer who takes care of our employees.