Reliable staff hire services– why should you use them?

Just think of how much time and resources you could save if you didn’t have to worry about the employee search, selection, recruiting, and other related issues. The reliable staff hire services offered by MOHA are a great opportunity to focus on the present of your business.

MOHA, the agency engaged in qualified operator hire, enables its customers to use the services of these professionals without employing them in their company.

“We take a huge burden off the shoulders of our customers, because our qualified operator hire services are not limited only to employee search and selection. As a direct employer we take care of all the issues related to administration of labour relations, taxes, work organization, occupational safety and, etc. We even take care of employee accommodation, if needed”, says Mr. Haroldas Apanavičius, MOHA project manager.

MOHA is engaged in highly qualified operator hire, therefore our database contains only the professionals in their field. The range of available employee qualifications is wide, including a tower crane operator, a mobile crane operator, a self-propelled crane operator, and operators of other machines. Qualified operator hire service can be used in a variety of sectors, including construction, agriculture, transport, energy and
renewable resources and others. We can assure you that by choosing MOHA operator hire service professional and responsible employees will be brought into your team.

When are the reliable staff hire services especially useful? If you need an employee urgently but there is no way to employ him or her quickly – reliable staff hire service is the best solution. This is especially relevant to businesses that are dependent on external circumstances, supply or demand of orders. Our customers are offered flexible working opportunities in terms of working time of temporary employees – for a duration ranging from one day, week, month to a year.

Reliable staff hire is also useful when an employer wants to test a machine operator for a period longer than a probationary period itself. Sometimes this is necessary to make sure that the employee is professional, responsible and capable for this job. Moreover, sometimes it happens that the company may not have sufficient resources necessary for selection of new employees and administration of labour relations. In this case using the services of the company specializing in reliable staff hire is a reasonable solution.

Every diverting of attention or resources from your core business is a loss. By taking advantage of our services you will be able to focus on success of your business and make the right decisions for it.